Virtual Conversation with Marine Debris Artist Scheduled at Library

The Woodbury Public Library, 269 Main St. South, will host the Zoom program, Making Art With Marine Debris: A Virtual Conversation, with photographer/marine debris artist Sarah Thornington at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 1. Shown is one of her art pieces, “Piping Plover.”

WOODBURY — The Woodbury Public Library, at 269 Main St. South, will host the Zoom program, Making Art With Marine Debris: A Virtual Conversation, with photographer/ marine debris artist Sarah Thornington, at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 1. Ms. Thornington began her A Year of Plastic project after she realized the sheer quantity of plastic marine debris she was picking up on a regular basis from Cape Cod beaches.She spent a year doing a beach clean-up every single day, counting and documenting the plastic debris she found, as well as posting daily on her Instagram account, @AYearofPlastic.

To keep awareness on the plastic debris problem, Ms. Thornington creates art, photographs and displays with some of the 21,000 objects she found during that time, always adding to her art supplies through new cleanups.

She’s had four shows of this work, her last at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, where she’s already been invited back for next year.

Sarah’s Plastic Free July program shares a little of her project including some of her quirky and interesting finds; tips to reduce plastic use; some of her art, along with ideas for art projects and other ways to use plastic either from home or found during a cleanup.

The program is suitable for all ages. 

Registration and more information may be had at the Woodbury Public Library website at or by calling 203-263-3502.

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