Watertown: Popular Farmers Market Returns

Visitors examine the fresh produce available at the Watertown Farmers Market. Many say they go without a shopping list, and decide based on what’s fresh and available. (Perugini photo)

WATERTOWN — The Watertown Farmers Market made its long awaited return this summer. Located at 690 Thomaston Rd., the market has been open every Sunday since July 7 and attracts visitors and vendors from across the region. Open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Sunday until October 20, the market offers a variety of goods for visitors to browse, from natural beauty products to fresh produce to locally grown honey.

Live music and other activities are available for visitors to enjoy, including free chair massages and yoga classes.

“I’m glad it’s back,” said Cheryl Daden, who owns Whimsical Olive Branch, a homemade olive oil business.

The Farmers Market provides an opportunity for local farmers to connect with residents and customers.

“People want to taste what’s local,” said Catherine Wolko, who owns several bee hives and produces her own honey that she sells at farmers markets and area grocery stores.

Ms. Wolko’s business is similar to other farmers in the area, who sell their produce locally. The market provides an opportunity for residents to meet the people who grow the food.

Visitors to the market are amazed at the variety of fresh produce available.

“I’ve never seen so many options,” commented Shari Lapointe, who came from Farmington.

Residents enjoy taking the opportunity to browse the many vendors and booths at the market.

“We don’t really come here with a shopping list,” said Craig Sterasser. He and his family like to make spontaneous decisions based on the availability of what’s fresh.

As the harvest season approaches, visitors may expect different seasonal varieties of vegetables and fruits.

The Farmers Market brings success to local farmers and vendors, who are pleased with how much they sell and how well organized the market is.

“I have been happy with the amount I’ve been selling,” said Dan Demers of Farm Faraway Homestead in Bethlehem.

“We definitely have been pleased with it so far,” commented Michael Waters of Sun One Organic Farm, also in Bethlehem.

Some farm stands have reported sell-outs of produce during busy days.

With the success of the market so far this year, farmers and vendors expressed interest in seeing it return next year and hope to participate again.

Market Manager Claudia Duhamel, who worked for the return of the market, hopes it will return next year. She commented on the success of the market and wishes for continued growth.

Those seeking additional information on the Farmers Market may visit https://www.watertownctrecreation.com/farmers-market.html.

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