WATERTOWN — The Conservation Commission/Inland Wetlands Agency, meeting Thursday, February 10, approved three applications after closing the public hearings on all three.

The first approved application allows construction of a single-family home, an accessory dwelling, a common driveway and on-site septic system on Bassett Road. The parcel was described as being on “Map 10, Block 26, Lot 2A.”

The proposal includes a two-bedroom home, a three-stall horse barn with a two-bedroom apartment above it and the common driveway and septic.

The second approval was granted to Watertown Plastics, Inc., for the construction of a 10,000-square-foot building addition and expansion of a parking lot at 830 Echo Lake Rd.

There is no activity in the wetlands, but because the impervious surface of the original building was only 35% of the parcel; new rules require the owner to add water quality systems to process 100% of the water coming off surfaces.

The third approval allows the construction of a 12,800-square-foot industrial building and associated infrastructure, including driveway, water and sewer lines at 0 Echo Lake Rd. The proposal includes a wetlands crossing for the utilities, but any disturbance will be temporary.

Commissioners tabled an application by Giuseppe Polletta for filling regulated areas for construction of single family homes on Lots 11 and 12 and the relocation of an existing conservation easement at Lake View Estates, Lake View Drive.

Questions were raised that need to be referred for answers to the applicant’s engineer, who was not present. Commissioners expressed concern about the slopes created and insurgence into the wetlands area on this previously approved subdivision. The application prompted a later discussion on the approval process, as it appeared the lots were approved with less than desirable backyard areas.

After discussing the construction issues at the Watertown Dog Park, 0 Main Sr., commissioners tabled the matter to the next meeting. Several actions were taken late this past year that seem contrary to the original approved plans for the project.

Town officials have explained that when work was started, they discovered a large quantity of concrete and rebar had been dumped on the property which had to be removed and then fill had to be brought in to cover the new water line.

The town also added a rain garden behind the Dollar General store when officials discovered run-off from that property was being directed onto the parcel. It was suggested that the town come back with an application for the work done as well as for a rain garden or detention pond.

Commissioners approved the request for an extension of the expiration date for a two-lot subdivision and construction of 25 residential units at 741 Echo Lake Rd. They approved a similar request for an extension of the expiration date for construction of a driveway to access two existing building lot at 0 Highmeadow Rd. and 0 Thomaston Rd.

Commissioners re-elected Craig Palmer as chairperson, Tom Murphy as vice chairperson and Ned Dalton as secretary.

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