THOMASTON — The Board of Selectmen, meeting on Tuesday, August 6, accepted and approved a paving contractor and contract for repairs at Thomaston High School. 

With several contract bids offered, the number of vendors was reduced to three: Asphalt Repair Solutions, Inc. of Oxford; Connecticut Sealcoating, LLC of Bethlehem and Greenway Industries of Danbury. 

All of the bids included costs for catch basins, curbing and backfilling at Thomaston High School. 

The highest bid contract is from Connecticut Sealcoating, LLC, at $57,995. 

Greenway Industries offered their services for $49,816; and Asphalt Repair Solutions, Inc., the lowest bidder, offered $46,579. 

The original funding allocation of $47,072 to complete the repaving project was determined to be insufficient based on the amounts of the contract bids returned.

A special meeting of the Board of Finance on Monday, August 5 approved an additional $2,203 to the capital improvements fund to raise the total project fund to $49,275. 

Although the catch basins portion of the project has been removed, First Selectman Edmond V. Mone said that curbing and backfilling will still take place, deciding that these aspects of the paving contract are necessary after speaking with Board of Finance Chairman George Seabourne. 

The Board of Selectmen approved a motion to enter a paving contract with Asphalt Repair Solutions, Inc.

Town Attorney Michael Rybak slightly modified the site contract after reviewing and it was subsequently approved by the board.

Superintendent of the Highway Department Glenn Clark presented his quarterly activity report to the board, citing completed projects and future plans to repair roadways and catch basins throughout town. 

The board accepted the resignation of Opera House Commission member Lucille Killany. 

Mr. Mone reflected on her many years of service and thanked her alongside Selectman Bruce J. Barrett, Sr.

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