WATERTOWN-OAKVILLE — Residents went to the polls on Tuesday, November 5 to vote for Town Council and Board of Education members. Half of the Town Council seats were open, and half of Board of Education seats were open. For weeks, the town’s three parties campaigned to convince residents to come out and vote for their respective candidates.

The Republican Party sought to keep their majorities on the council and board, with every candidate working to keep their position.

Running for Town Council for the Republicans were Jonathan Ramsay, Katherine Duplissie and Mary Ann Rosa.

Cathie Rinaldi, Diane Bristol and Thomas Lambert ran to secure their spots on the Board of Education for the Republican ticket.

Running for the Democrats for the Town Council were Rachael Ryan, Paul Rinaldi and Dave Demirs.

Democrats Chery Albino, Jason Malagutti and Joshua Lambo ran for the Board of Education.

The Independent Party had one candidate this year, Gary Lafferty, who ran for a spot on the Town Council.

The polls were open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and by the time polls closed, 4,033 residents had cast their votes, or about 28 percent of the town’s registered voters.

Ms. Duplissie, Mr. Ramsay, Ms. Rosa and Mr. Rinaldi all won re-election to the Town Council.

Ms. Ryan was elected to office, surpassing Mr. Demirs by 183 votes.

Ms. Ryan was excited to be elected to the Town Council and is ready to get straight to work.

“I am looking forward to the challenge,” she said.

Mr. Rinaldi shared the excitement on having Ms. Ryan elected to the council, saying “She and I work well together.”

Mr. Lambert, Ms. Rinaldi, Ms. Bristol and Mr. Malagutti all won their elections to the Board of Education.

Ms. Albino did not win re-election to the board but kept her spirits up.

“You never know what the future holds,” she said, still planning to be a part of the community and assisting the school district.

She offered her congratulations to the winners of the election.

Mr. Malagutti was excited to win his first election to the board and is looking forward to participating in the board’s “continuing goal of progress” for students.

Ms. Bristol and Ms. Rinaldi were thrilled to win their elections and have the opportunity to continue their work on the Board of Education.

With the election results tallied, the Republicans kept their majority on the Town Council and Board of Education.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to finish some of the projects we’ve started,” said Ms. Rosa.

The Republicans on the council look forward to getting back to work and continuing projects they started.

“Time to get to work,” said Mr. Ramsay, ready to continue his duties as a member of the council.

“We welcome another four years as a team,” said Mr. Lambert, congratulating his fellow board members who won the election.

The Republicans were not the only ones celebrating a win on election night.

The Independent Party celebrated two candidates that they co-endorsed elected to the council. The Independent Party has not had a presence on the Town Council in years.

Mr. Rinaldi and Ms. Ryan were co-endorsed by both the Independent and Democratic Parties. Being on the ballot twice is believed to have gathered more support during this election.

Richard Wick, chair of the Independent Party, said he was happy to see Ms. Ryan win her first term on the council and for Mr. Rinaldi winning his re-election.

In fact, members and candidates of the Democratic and Independent Parties shared an election headquarters on election night and celebrated their victories together.

“We are pleased with the progress,” said Mr. Wick. He hopes that the Independent Party will continue its cooperation with the Democratic Party to gain mutual goals and challenge Republican hegemony.

Election day may be over, but the real work has just begun. Later this month candidates will take their seats on the Town Council or Board of Education.

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