To the Editor:

I was surprised to read in the Town Times how the Board of Education was going to have a vote by the students of Watertown High School on a new mascot. Doing this underhandedly without the people of Watertown to vote?

No new mascot will unify or be a point to which people can rally. Keep the Indian - let it be.

To vote on the change of mascot is ignoring our culture which is very sad. Our town is very proud of the mascot, those of us that want to see the Paugasuck Indians honored. That’s where this town originated.

My sons went to WHS and graduated from WHS with this Indian mascot, which is a part of their history that they are proud of. To eliminate the Indian mascot without a town vote, do we no longer matter?

To most American citizens the term “Indians” does not mean shame on Indian tribes. Only those who are against history want to change it and take this step.

Those who agree with the cancel culture by our Board of Education, which started this, should read the history of our town on the two plaques set in stone on the town green for reference.

Cancel culturists and other flaming liberals will meet a bitter defeat in a referendum and the under performing school board will face the reality of the consequences.

Kudos to Vic Vicenzi, Jr. of Oakville and Richard Avoletta of Watertown on their recent letters to the editor in Town Times on this issue of the WHS mascot.

I urge every one of you to read the history of Watertown on the two plaques at the town green in Watertown on Rt. 6 at the center of town.

Mary Vitkauskas


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