To the Editor:

I have moved a lot in my life. To be a little more specific, I have lived in five different states, traveled outside of the United States. 

I am a first-generation American on my father’s side, second on my mother’s. I have encountered many different cultures, ethnicities, religions and people.

Experiencing the people I have come across, I have learned a lot from them and their experiences. 

Continuing, what makes America so unique is that it is a melting pot of differences, which means it is the place of immigrants, refugees and people to find safety, work.

Additionally, the beauty of what America represents is freedom; the ability to express oneself, be safe to live in this country, and most importantly, in this town.

Yet, recently, a post was written in the newspaper plagiarized from online “I Never Cared” by Butch Kuentzler, by a 75-year-old person (as they wrote at the beginning of their letter). 

I find it sickening, racist, homophobic and hurtful to not only myself, and I’m going out on a limb here, probably a good portion of the community.

Furthermore, as a new member of this community, I find it my duty not only to say something but to help educate people who may not have been privileged to have such an array of experiences as myself. Finally, and most importantly, my family and many families like mine feel comfortable living here in Watertown-Oakville. 

Here, raising our interracial families and feeling safe and comfortable free of racial, religious and homophobic discrimination. 

Nadiya Alexis


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