To the Editor:

During the dark news clouds of the Joe Biden presidency, the distasteful cancel culturists amid the theories of the woke lovers, came a bolt of bright lightning from the Connecticut news media.

Taking part in the celebration of an Indian woman’s 100th birthday, the Connecticut Sun professional basketball team proudly announced it was taking on the Mohegan Indians as a new sponsor and would wear the tribe’s mascot on their uniforms.

And after all the criticism from our drugstore-type Indians locally, how could this be?

“We are proud to take on the Indians as our mascot,” said a Connecticut Sun official. “And they are proud to help foster their Indian heritage with us.”

To most American citizens, the term Indians does not heap shame on Indian tribes. Only those who debunk history and want to change it take this route.

This is another prime example of why the sneaky bid to change mascots at Watertown High School is doomed to failure.

Cancel culturists and other flaming liberals will meet a bitter defeat in a referendum and the underperforming school board will be left to face the consequences.

Richard Avoletta


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