To the Editor:

There has been a call for us to move forward by the same people who keep dividing our community. “It’s just a mascot,” “move on,” “your memories won’t die with the mascot” are just some of the phrases we have heard repeatedly.

How do you expect us to move forward when all you do is dismiss our opinions as racist and wrong? 

We do not always share the same truths, but it does not mean there’s hate or ignorance involved. It can be as simple as a different viewpoint. You have never tried to win us over, you only condemn and attempt to silence. What is happening in our town is the epitome of cancel culture.

At its core, cancel culture is nothing more than a breeding ground for toxicity that hides behind a pretense of moral righteousness. 

Silencing a significant number of voters and calling them racist for their view is no way to unite us; it will only further divide. This kind of rhetoric is tearing Watertown apart.

In emails to the mascot committee my position was questioned, providing screenshots from social media. 

I was chosen to be on the committee for a reason – to bring forth the voice of the Indian that was not being heard. If not for me the BOE would not know the names Brandi Sawyer or Stardancer, two proud, strong Indian descendants who are now helping develop Native American curriculum in our schools.

You say move forward, but what have you done to bring us together? 

With people quick to jump to conclusions and even quicker to air their grievances on social media, the idea of canceling people simply for having different opinions and beliefs must end.

Krista Palomba


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