To the Editor:

Every Year on June the 14th, we celebrate Flag Day, the anniversary of the adoption of our glorious flag. 

The year was 1777. In the midst of the Revolutionary War, George Washington and Betsy Ross created an emblem of three colors to be remembered and revered through the ages. Red for courage, white for purity, blue for strength of purpose.

Every star now represents one of our states, according to the period in time when they joined the republic. 

The fifth star in the flag represents the state of Connecticut. The last two stars represent Alaska and Hawaii.

Soldiers, descendants of every nationality, every race and every religious persuasion have fought and died as Americans for the honor and glory of our nation.

Our flag is the most loved and respected symbol in the world. People from every part of the globe have yearned to come here, live under our laws and become Americans.

In every cemetery where American soldiers rest, as a symbol of their sacrifice, there flies the Stars and Stripes: red, white and blue. 

Our flag is the symbol of our nation. May it wave proudly forever. And may we always remember with gratitude the sacrifices made by our predecessors. To think or believe otherwise would be to desecrate their memory.

Rocco M. Calabrese


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