To the Editor:

Our noble spirited ancestors created a republic that has no equal in the annals of the civilized world.

They envisioned a government “Of the people, by the people and for the people.” 

In the light of day, without fear of retribution, the people would go to the polling station and choose, among many participants, a candidate that would lead the nation or the state for a period prescribed by existing statutes.

With little change, this system has worked well for over 200 years, selecting 46 presidents, and innumerable legislators. But now the political caldron is boiling over with unbecoming, scurrilous haste.

The Democrats, always appearing lily-white and purist in their political designs, are clamoring for changes in our voting habits and our time-honored political structures.

Up until now healthy American citizens could vote in person. On election days, the citizen voter would go to his assigned voting station, introduce himself, shows his I.D. card and be allowed the privilege to vote. 

This method has worked well for many years.

Now the Democrats are advancing the idea that showing I.D. cards to corroborate our identity and strengthening our legal right to vote is archaic and insulting.

Far from it. Registration is simple. 

At the age of 18 the adult citizen, the would-be elector, goes to the office of the registrar of voters in his home town, registers and at every election is accorded a life-long privilege: choose, among many, a person who will serve all our interests as an elected official. 

This is the simplest, most wonderful sure-fire system.

The voting privilege is the most meaningful act we can perform as citizens: one person, one vote, one election.

There is no malignant intention or scorn at showing our I.D. card, only pride in our republic.

Rocco M. Calabrese


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