To The Editor:

The Town Council failed to hear the people they represent that voiced comments at the budget hearing. 

Virtually everyone requested that the $500,000 be returned to the school board budget, some requested that the $400,000 be returned to the town budget. 

I heard one or two requests not to change the budget as presented. The Town Council, save two members, didn’t hear, didn’t listen or didn’t care about the will of the people.

As a political move they reluctantly restored the vehicle replacement funds for the fire department and public works on the town side. On the school side they replaced $150,000 for school safety officers and were reminded that the council cannot dictate line items on the school side.

They seem afraid to raise taxes even if it is, as I believe, the correct thing for the entire town. They were rightly concerned about the effect of the Covid virus on us. 

But the best course of action, as many people suggested, would be to send the budget proposed by the town manager and superintendent to referendum and let the entire town decide what is best for the town.

If this budget fails there is a fall back, which will be severe but possibly survivable. 

Our only choice now is to pass this miserable budget. But remember this in November, we can vote for five new Town Council members and get better decisions next year.

Alan Mickel


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