To the Editor:

In a recent decision to send my children to Watertown Public Schools, I have engaged more with our town’s social media pages and reading the Town Times. 

I cannot unsee what I have seen, and I am worried for my multiracial family.

Parenthood comes with its own set of worries, but now I’m raising multiracial children in a town where a man can submit a letter to the newspaper that is simply plagiarizing a Facebook post gone viral, and says that he never cared if someone was gay, until they started teaching them that their way was “normal”. 

Normal looks different for everyone.

To say that you (or whoever was the original writer of the post) never cared what color someone was until they started blaming you for their problems confused me. 

Please clarify, does that mean that every single person of color has called you, specifically, to blame you for their problems?

You never cared about anyone else’s struggle and discomfort until it made you uncomfortable. Knowing about this willingness to publicly blurt out closed-mindedness in a town publication is scary.

Many of us were taught not to talk about topics that may make one feel uncomfortable, and grew to know change as a scary thing. However, like Maya Angelou said, “...when you know better, do better.” When we are uncomfortable or in fear, we need to take a look at where those feelings are coming from, lean into them, feel what we feel, learn what we can, and grow. Let’s learn from one another so we can do better.

Sara Hall


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