Six Personal Best Times at Class ‘S’ Final:  WHS Girls’ Swimmers “Compete to the Last Event”

WHS GIRLS’ SWIMMING & DIVING - The 2019 Watertown High School girls’ swimming and diving team, coached by Garry Smith and assistant Chlesie Guerrera. Team members were: Mikaela Andarowski, Stephanie Aquino, Gianna Barry, Elizabeth Bird, Gianna Calabrese, Emma Conard, Abby Gallagher, Sarah Jacovino, Emma Johnson, Maya Khazzaka, Emily Kiernan, Carynn Liseo, Gabrielle Malenda, Jillian Nugai, Klea Omeri, Irene Pham, Jasmine Pham, Lanah Roger-Sovia, Janelle Rosario, Marissa Saverino. (Photo Courtesy of Iamges Studio)

NEW HAVEN - The Watertown High School girls’ swimming and diving team finished a most-satisfying 2019 season on a high note with a solid performance at the CIAC’s Class ‘S’ finals at Southern Connecticut State University on November 19. The Indians finished 13th in the 25-team field, and coach Garry Smith couldn’t have been happier.

“I can safely say that is a whole lot higher that what we expected,” said a smiling Smith.

“ It was so good to see the girls compete right down to the last event on the last day of the season in a pool full of so many fast kids,” said Smith, whose entrants managed six personal best times.

“They were not intimidated and gave it their all and I am extremely proud of all of them,” Smith said.

“The six best time were just icing on the cake; hey anytime anyone swims their best stuff the last time they swim it during a season it always gets our attention.”


200 Medley Relay: 18. Irene Pham, Emma Johnson, Emily Kiernan*, Emma Conard* - 2:10.54

200 IM: 14. Sarah Jacovino - 2:25.38 

100 Free: 11. Jacovino - 57.75

200 Free Relay: 9. Conard*, J. Pham*, Gabby Malenda, Jacovino - 1:50.91 

100 Breast: 22. Johnson - 1:18.64

400 free relay: 12. J. Pham, Malenda*, Kiernan*, Jacovino - 4:11.80.

(* - personal best time) 


1. Weston - 893.5; 2. Lauralton Hall - 601; 3. Seymour - 533; 4. Jonathan Law - 392; 5. East Catholic - 356; 6. Woodland - 260; 7. Joel Barlow - 231; 8. Sheehan - 216; 9. Berlin - 213; 10. Waterford - 185; 11. Oxford - 139.5; 12. Torrington - 135; 13. Watertown - 131; 14. Plainville - 119; 15. New Fairfield - 114; 16. Hadd-Kill - 108.5; 17. Rocky Hill - 100; 18. Portland - 77; 19. St. Paul - 60; 20. Sacred Heart - 58; 21. Ledyard - 55.5; 22. Tolland - 44; 23. Rockville - 33; 24. Ansonia - 31; 25. Cromwell - 3.

“This team has a lot of talent and is still young and should be lots of fun to watch the next couple of years,” said Smith at the conclusion of his 35th season.

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