Thomaston Middle School Girls’ Soccer Finishes Undefeated

The undefeated Thomaston Middle School girls soccer team. Front row, left to right: Alba Puprriqi, Kara Sacco, Emily Compton, Claire Saunders, Olivia Blasko, Nicole Decker, Aubrey Jackson, Therese McDonald, Kylie Decker. Back row: Coach Greg Blasko, Emily Mendelsohn, Evelyn Lavertue, Stevilynn Fox, Ava Harkness, Katelyn Guerin, Corinne Mola, Haley Bethin, Amber Lynn Quick, Angelina Woods.

THOMASTON - The Thomaston Middle School Golden Bears Girls Soccer Team just completed a dream season this fall, finishing an undefeated run with a record of 10-0-2 under the guidance of coach Greg Blasko, outscorting opponents by a 64-13 margin.

“I’ve been coaching or watching many of these girls play since they were five and six years old,” said coach Blasko. “The progress they are making is remarkable and I am confident we will see some really big things from this group in the years to come.”

The relentless Thomaston attack consisted of 15 different goal scorers led by Claire Saunders (17), Olivia Blasko (10), and Katelyn Guerin (9).

Thomaston’s midfield, led by sisters Kylie and Nicole Decker, Katelyn Guerin, and Emily Mendelsohn helped the team maintain possession for the majority of most matches.

 The Thomaston defense lead by Stevilynn Fox (CB), Ava Harkness (CB), Evelyn Lavertue (LFB), Corinne Mola (GK) and Amber Lynn Quick (RFB) proved to be nearly inpenetrable, yielding only up 13 goals in 12 games.

The team defeated Har-Bur by a score of 4-3 at Har-Bur on October 12, becoming the first middle school girls soccer team to beat Har-Bur on their home field in 17 years.

“That was the turning point,” said coach Blasko. “The girls completely shattered the high expectations I had for the team this season. After our win against Har-Bur and then tying Woodbury, I thought we really had a strong possibility of going undefeated.”

Due to rain and poor field conditions during September, Thomaston played all but one of their games in the month of October, including seven games in the last two weeks of the season; despite the grueling schedule, Thomaston was able to maintain their unbeaten status, with the only draws coming against Woodbury MS (3-3) on October 23 and another with Har-Bur MS (2-2) on October 30. 

“I really cannot describe how proud I am of these fantastic young women,” said coach Blasko. “The effort this season was outstanding. The girls remained committed, positive, and always supportive of each other. That’s clearly a winning combination.”

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