Southbury: Video to Replace Memorial Day Parade

Major Greg Gibson, USAF, delivered the keynote address for the Southbury Memorial Day 2020 ceremony via video which will be posted at 11 a.m. Monday, May 25, at and will be shared on the town’s social media channels.

SOUTHBURY — Due to concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic, the town’s Memorial Day Parade has been canceled for this year. A video of the Memorial Day Ceremony will be posted at 11 a.m. Monday, May 25, at and will be shared on the town’s social media channels.

A statement from parade committee officials follows, in part: “Our town, our state, and indeed our country have been hit by a world-wide pandemic, coronavirus, known as Covid-19. Literally, everything has come to a stop or has been canceled.

“These are unprecedented times which call for unprecedented measures. In the face of this serious crisis, opportunity has shown its face.

“The Memorial Day Committee felt strongly enough to take this opportunity to continue our Southbury tradition, tape it in a safe manner and to hold our ceremony, lest we forget that Memorial Day is the day to bring us together, to remember those who have served in our military, those men and women who defend our nation and our Constitution and to remember those who gave their lives in doing so.

“Covid-19 will go down in history for what it is,” committee members said, “and so will our Southbury 2020 ceremony as we gather to honor the meaning of Memorial Day.”

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