SOUTHBURY — The appointment of Kevin Bielmeier last October as the town’s first, full-time economic development director was welcomed at the Monday, January 13, meeting of the Board of Finance. 

Last October Mr. Bielmeier moved cross county from New Milford, where he and his family still reside, to the fabled Third Floor of the Southbury Town Hall, home to Planning, Zoning and General Creativity.

With a fast-edited collection of inherited office furniture in the very limited space, a fresh optimistic blue color theme now creates a very acceptable if admittedly limited space for work or conversation with a client.

Not to worry, the atmosphere is very welcoming, comfortable and even supported with a window that overlooks the town’s formal lawn below.

The office comprises a list of 64 businesses already identified and in many cases already on visiting terms, and happily more to come, including a scheduled meeting with First Selectman Jeff Manville on a weekly basis.

Mr. Bielmeier’s lists comprises town officials, directors of Finance, Health, Selectmen and also includes the director of the Southbury Public Library.

Within two months on the job, more than 60 meetings with marketeers are already listed for further research. 

Middle of last week, Mr. Bielmeier was preparing for the monthly Economic Development Commission meeting which obviously will be alongside the traditional regular monthly business procedure.

Anne Armeno, chairman of the Economic Development Commission, told Voices, “The town has gone to the next level by hiring an EDC director. Kevin Bielmeier is that perfect fit. He continues to research and learn our rules and regulations, meets regularly with all departments, boards and commissions.

“And this is the first step toward balancing the Grand List, reaching out to business owners and supporting the business community as well as helping the town work on a clear vision of the economics for the future. Although, as we all know, this is not an easy task, he is working closely with the Board of Selectmen and the  Board of Finance.

“I have been working with Kevin over the past three months and I can see how his passion and expertise can represent our town and he will make a real difference. 

“His concierge to economic development will make Southbury stand above the rest by bringing in the finest clients to start and grow their businesses here in our town.”

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