Selectmen Mark Resignations, Approve Bid for Road Project

DeLoris Curtis, AICP, Southbury’s long-serving land use administrator, has written to the Board of Selectmen to announce her resignation. Her last assignment will be the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, January 21. (Slavin photo)

SOUTHBURY — Taking time from budgetary duties, the Board of Selectmen met a week later than the usual schedule on Thursday, January 9. The meeting included two significant resignations from the town’s land use departments, one a priceless lifetime contribution to the town’s growth and development, the other just a few years of enthusiastic professional support for the town’s approach to planned regulation.

DeLoris Curtis, AICP, the town’s land use administrator, wrote, “It is with extreme mixed feelings that I submit my letter of resignation effective March 1, 2020. I think it is time to move on and open this great position for someone else.

“I have been proud to be the first certified planner on staff for the town of Southbury and feel I have been a  resource for the residents as a ‘local,’ but understanding the big picture.”

Her last assignment will be the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, January 21.

Christopher McGinness, the town’s zoning enforcement official, is moving with his wife to new jobs outside Connecticut, effective January  24. 

To First Selectman Jeff Manville, Chris wrote, “I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me. I appreciate my tenure with the town. I have found it very rewarding and learned quite a bit about land use in this unique landscape.”

Ron Pugliese, chairman of the Southbury Democratic Town Committee, had notified the selectman’s office that  the DTC was recommending Michele Zommer to fill the alternate vacancy on the Planning Commission for a term to expire on December 4, 2023.

However on the Day, at the Moment, the recommendation had been withdrawn. The final vote was two yea, three nay, and one abstention. And although the document had been proofed and supported, it was suddenly withdrawn. 

Approved was the recommendation of John Cottell, director of Public Works, to award the bid ongoing for many moons for the Plaster House Road precast box culvert to United Concrete Products of Yalesville, in the amount of $33,435.

In a covering note, Mr. Cottell reported that the town had received three bids on December 18, 2019.

The bids were reviewed with the low bidder being United Concrete Products. The proposal is for material only thus excluding installation.  

“It is is my recommendation,” Mr. Cottell added, “that the Board of Selectmen awards the bid to United Concrete Products, Yalesville, in the amount of $33,435.”

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