The ideal wedding isn’t about dresses and cakes. It’s about love shared between two people. With First Selectman Jeff Manville officiating and their families in witness, Thomas Ryzak, 75, a retired Yellow Freight Truck driver, and Beverly Blake, 68, a caregiver for many Southbury residents, were married on Sunday, September 22, 2019, at River Glen Rehabilitation facility. Thomas and Beverly have dated for 35 years, but it wasn’t until Thomas recently finished cancer treatment that they felt there was no better time than the present to express their devotion to each other.

“The beauty of marriage is not always seen from the beginning,” one witness said, “but rather as love grows and develops over time. We hope their marriage is blessed with many years of happiness, kind words and love.”

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Anne-Marie Ryzak

Just so you know, NONE of Tom Ryzak's family was present for this "wedding". The family wasn't even notified about the marriage until after he passed away on 10/21/19. I hope Beverly Blake feels good about herself that she kept her husband away from his daughter while he was dying. I loved my father very much and I never got a chance to say goodbye because she blocked his entire family from him during his last time on this Earth.

Anne-Marie Ryzak

I really wish I was given a chance to say goodbye to my father. She kept anyone in the family from having any contact with him. I loved him so much.

Anne-Marie Ryzak

If she was so about love, how could she keep Tom from seeing his own daughter before he died?!?! How can you live with yourself knowing that I never got to say goodbye to my dad?!?!?


This woman broke more hearts than she mended. Her husband was completely blocked off from any other relatives during his treatment and even after his death. She knew exactly what she was doing marrying him one month before he passed away. How can people not see the transparency here? He is literally on his death bed when they’re exchanging their vows. So terrible it’s being portrayed as a good thing. So much injustice.

Anne-Marie Ryzak

Just so you know, NONE of Thomas Ryzak's family was present for this "wedding". They weren't even notified about the marriage until after he passed away on 10/21/19. Also Beverly Blake must feel really good about herself from keeping her father from seeing his daughter before he died. Not really sure how she can lay her head at night in peace knowing that she never let me say goodbye to my dad. I loved him very much.

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