To the Editor:

I am offended by Sen. Berthel’s partisan emails (all sent with the disclaimer, which is not true of the contents, “This newsletter is a public service offering from a state lawmaker’’) like these:

3/7/21: “A 17-cent gas tax hike? Speak out today!” The proposed bill is intended to reduce transportation-related carbon emissions.

3/18/21: “Sen. Berthel discusses the proposed ‘Mansion Tax,’ why this label is misleading and why the state should focus on its spending problem rather than bandaids to fix it.” This proposal is designed to provide property tax relief for cash-strapped communities.

3/31/21: “Speak out on escalating car thefts. CT Republicans have proposed bills that would give law enforcement officers and our courts the tools they need to reduce these crimes.” What about two bills proposed in 2021: HB 5925, An Act Concerning State and Community Initiatives to Reduce Juvenile Auto Thefts and Break-Ins and HB 5357, An Act Establishing A Task Force to Study and Develop a Policy to Reduce the Number of Auto Thefts and Break-Ins and other Personal Property Crimes?

Why would Sen. Berthel be averse to supporting preventative and proactive measures as these bills intend to do?

I expect my elected officials to inform me, provide pros and cons of issues and treat me like an intelligent citizen. Sen. Berthel should respect his constituents; treat us like adults. Stop the partisan rhetoric and inflammatory emails or at least don’t have them come from your elected office. 

Give us the information and allow us to make decisions based on the facts.

Barbara Mechler


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