To the Editor:

I live at the Woodbury Hill Condominiums. Due to a vote by the Zoning Commission, I now have had to deal with horrendous noise from construction of three “garden” apartment buildings.

I was very surprised to learn from the first selectman that there are no laws or ordinances whatsoever governing this construction. The crews start as early as seven in the morning and work until dark, seven days a week. I have not been able to use my deck to eat meals or read a book or even to work in my backyard.

This development is directly behind me, located at 219 Main St. North. These three buildings will have four, one-to-two bedroom apartments in each for a total of 12 apartments on just 3.5 acres. I can only imagine how much noise and traffic will come after they are finally finished.

I understand the owner of the property, Gurali Cenkoli, bought this land as an investment. I was sincerely hoping for a single dwelling only. In the months before the Zoning Commission’s ruling, many townspeople attended the meetings, as well as signed petitions, against the proposed acreage change.

All of our opinions obviously fell on deaf ears. Not only are all the residents who live at the condominium affected by this ruling, but many others who live and have businesses nearby are too. To say I am saddened by this zoning change would be an understatement.

The only hope I have left is that the property owner will put in some kind of shrubbery to hide his buildings when there are no longer any leaves on the trees. This is not the town of Woodbury I moved to in 2003.

Marilyn Trombetto


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