To the Editor:

It is with great enthusiasm that I support Jennifer Naylor for Southbury’s next first selectman.

I have worked with Jennifer in several capacities. I have served with her on the South Britain Congregational Church Pastoral Search Committee, which she chairs, and I was able to work with her at Secor, Cassidy, and McPartland P.C. this past year.

I am a recent graduate of Pomperaug High School (Class of 2019) and this Republican primary will be the first vote I cast.

I find Jennifer’s leadership skills to be incredible. She has a drive and a passion that shows in the work she does.

It is remarkable how Jennifer can make connections with people effortlessly. But then, more importantly, she provides them with what is best suited and truly helps to fix a problem at hand.

Jennifer always had an open-door policy at work. It has been extremely helpful for the workplace to have her accessible when needed as she could solve the problem much easier. She always focuses on your problem specifically and truly listens.

In high-stress situations or when dealing with irate individuals, Jennifer has always maintained a level of composure and respect that is astonishing and that I believe most do not have. Others may care more about appearances than people, but Jennifer has always put people first.

I encourage all Republican voters to get out and vote Row A for Jennifer on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.

I especially encourage new voters like me to get out and vote or fill out absentee ballots because there should be no reason that your voice is not heard.

I am privileged to take part in this process and to cast my first electoral vote for Jennifer Naylor.


John Shepherd


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