To the Editor:

I was appalled to read Patrick Pappano’s letter titled “American Society Does Not Nurture Life” in the May 6 issue of Voices. While the First Amendment protects one’s freedom of speech, even hate speech, it is incumbent upon citizens of good conscience to call out injustice wherever it appears.

Patriot Front, which Mr. Pappano refers to as a “counter-culture movement,” is in fact a white supremacist organization and a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group. Contrary to Mr. Pappano’s letter, the group’s message is not worth “hearing and reflecting upon” because it is one of racist hate.

It is a message that, by Patriot Front’s own admission, excludes those of non-European descent; in other words, the racial mosaic that makes up America today.

I’d like to think that Mr. Pappano is perhaps ignorant of Patriot Front’s heinous background as a neo-Nazi splinter group. I fear this may not be the case, though, based on his suggestions that the “bigoted folk” of old “built one heck of a state and country,” and that we consider stripping women of their bodily autonomy.

In response I say: The time for this vile bigotry is past. If Mr. Pappano does indeed feel this way, he should feel ashamed to espouse the worldview of murderers and fascists.

This is not the Connecticut I know and love, and I call on others to raise their voices against such hate.

Patrick Scalisi


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