To the Editor:

In response to previous letters in support of Joe Olzacki, what evidence is there of “his efforts to improve the education of our students??” Has anyone seen his entry plan from 2018, his vision for Region 14, perhaps his SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound) goals?

One need only to step out of the “O” Zone to see evidence to the contrary.

I offer the following:

A historic no confidence vote of 96% of the staff who work directly with our children without the benefit of a competent superintendent to lead the way.

A historic no confidence vote of 334 citizens, many of whom are parents who have been voicing their concerns to the BOE for two years. Their issues include the lack of vision, leadership, transparency, communication and disturbing behavior at meetings, including sleeping and lying.

There has been an exodus of many highly talented educators in the last two years, leaving voids that will take years to fill.

Questions for the BOE: Why was his contract extended exposing the district to an additional $200,000 of liability? What were his goals and how was his job performance evaluated? Why has this not been shared with the public?

We expect more than cozying up to local politicians and passing out cookie trays from the educational leader of a school district with a $36,000,000 budget.

Finally, our students who have struggled through distance learning, hybrid days, abbreviated days, sitting on floors on yoga mats, don’t get a do over. They are counting on adults to protect them and help them navigate through these difficult times.

If Joe Olzacki really believes “it’s all about the kids,” he should stop being a distraction, step down and let us get back to the business of educating our kids. They deserve nothing less.

Maryanne Van Aken


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