To the Editor:

I support Region 14 Superintendent Dr. Joseph Olzacki. He wants to raise standards and improve the education of our children. He wants to bring back history and geography and the love of reading, etc. He has a well thought out and educationally sound vision for Reglon 14. He is actively taking steps to improve the education for our children. 

Yes, he must make difficult calls as any good leader has an obligation to do. And, yes, often when someone “shakes” things up and makes changes, he meets resistance.

I recently went into Mitchell School and was impressed with what I saw. It was dark and dank with its old cinderblock walls. Now the walls are light and bright and there is even a beautiful chandelier. I was happy to see these small, but dramatic improvements.

I later found out these improvements were not made with tax dollars. I love fiscally creative solutions to problems. I want a superintendent who makes smart and difficult decisions with my tax dollars. I’m in no way disparaging our teachers. I’m a teacher myself.

As for the recent situation on the vaccinations in Region 14, I think we need to be mindful of the baffling and unclear policies from Hartford. Region 14 was not the only school district to misunderstood the confusing guidance from Hartford.

We want our superintendent to resign over something the state of Connecticut screwed up? They have since put out “clarification” of the confusion and had local vaccination clinics cancel appointments after January 21 for people under 75. The real blame here is Hartford.

We have had a revolving door of superintendents In Region 14. This is not good for our children and not good for our towns. I stand by my support of Dr. Olzacki.

Lisa Amatruda


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