To the Editor:

I just received my absentee ballot application, no thanks to our 32nd District Sen. Eric Berthel. Ignoring the welfare of his many elderly constituents, among others, Sen. Bethel attempted to prevent the applications from being mailed to all registered voters.

As a 78-year-old at high risk of serious consequences if I contract the virus, there is no way I want vote in person. Despite what Sen. Berthel says, there is no reliable evidence that absentee or mail-in ballots result in any significant voter fraud. Sen. Bethel should be looking for ways to increase voter access, not reduce it.

And now we learn that Sen. Berthel associates himself with a fringe far-right organization, QAnon, that promotes conspiracy theories that have repeatedly been debunked. It has been reported that the FBI has determined that QAnon is a domestic terrorist threat. Does this sound like the kind of person we want representing us in the State Senate?

I urge all 32nd District voters, regardless of affiliation, to think carefully about whether they want to return an incumbent who places petty political factors above the health of his constituents and who supports movements based on wild conspiracy theories.

I will be using my absentee ballot and my vote will be for Jeff Desmaris.


Dick Kreitner


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