To the Editor:

I want to live in an America in which no one is killed, severely injured, threatened with death (voting officials, Vice President Pence) or suffers PTSD after a presidential election. We lived in that America till November 2021.

Four suicides (Capitol police) and two people who died from the January 6 Capitol assault (not from natural causes), and who knows how many of the nearly 140 Capitol police officers still suffer from their injuries and/or PTSD or how many Congress members cope with PTSD. These Americans and the Capitol itself are the casualties. But democracy was a casualty, too.

I don’t want to live in a banana republic where violence is a form of political objection. And no matter what some folks say about the 3% to 5% of black, white and brown rallies for black and brown justice and against racist-police murders/harassment that became violent, government leaders and a majority of citizens (all colors) didn’t condone that violence.

While vitally important, those primarily peaceful societal protests aren’t comparable to what happened last January. The former wants addressing on a societal level, while the latter constitutes a threat to the very undergirdings of every right, every freedom, every check on power, every fair and equal protection of what our government provides and is: a republic.

Thankfully, a majority of Americans want to protect this republic.

Sharon Wirt


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